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Safety Record



Baird uses Fleetmatics (Qualcomm to begin June 2012) software, which is focused on increasing safety and regulatory compliance, increasing productivity of assets and maximizing fuel resources.

Baird also uses the Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System to inform operators and technicians of decreases in tire pressure. This minimizes the opportunity for tire flats or blowouts along the travel routes. We also offer “preventative maintenance and safety measure” for operators and other vehicles traveling in proximity.

The safety of our employees, customers and public is paramount to Baird Transport’s mission. We have built a solid Safety Program that includes training, inspections, audits, research and development and reporting.

  • Quarterly safety meetings facilitated by the company’s director for safety and  risk management
  • Log book training
  • CSA monitoring
  • Standards for hire
  • Drug testing programs

In addition, we use technology monitoring and reporting systems for vehicle/driver performance through products like Doran and Qualcom. Baird Transport includes client-specific safety and training requirements in our policy when required. In addition, Baird Transport’s official Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SafeStat Out of Service Rate is 4.2% below the national average.



Baird Transport Employee a Grand Prize Winner for Safety

At Baird Transport, safety is our top concern, which is why we are extremely proud that our very own Richard Cowles, known around here as Luigi, was this year’s TLC Companies Top Dog Program Grand Prize winner. Cowles is the recipient of a $12,500 grand prize for his commitment to safety, which he accepted on June 10 at our company recognition party. Cowles joined the Baird Transport team two years ago, where his main duties include locally driving walking floor transports and dumping trailers. He follows our company’s Safety Protocols at our customer locations religiously (PPE) and embraced our company’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program from the very beginning. Perhaps the most impressive statistic about Luigi is that he has driven more than three and a half million accident-free miles. His background, experience and driving record are exemplary, and it is obvious to everyone at Baird why he received such a prestigious award. From all of us at Baird Transport, we congratulate Luigi on this incredible achievement!